Hatzvi Chemical Engineering specializes in the analysis, improvement and application of chemical processes in water uses in industry and in contrast, oil refining processes and its products
The company's staff is experienced and specializes in combining local experience with knowledge accumulated in international companies in the fields of chemistry, for the implementation of proven solutions, in view of the unique technological challenges for each customer in water treatment on an industrial scale.
Our engineering and consulting services include:
- Analysis of the customer's needs
- Defining required improvements
- Technological survey of possible solutions implemented In the world
- Accompanying the application
- Monitoring success and achievements over time

Advice for the selection and control of chemical treatment of industrial water and the selection of equipment for water improvement

Large industrial plants and office and commercial buildings use water as a medium for cooling / heating processes and buildings. There are companies that provide preventive maintenance technologies to prevent water hazards, offering facilities and / or chemicals designed to prevent salt sediments in heat exchangers, prevention of oxidation (corrosion) of pipes and heat exchangers and prevention of flow disturbances due to the development and accumulation of contaminants in water systems.

Professional training in factories and non-university educational institutions

There is use of water as a cooling and / or heating medium and for air conditioning purposes. The use of water in industrial systems over the years has unwanted side effects. We specialize in water chemistry and methods to prevent the formation of salt deposits, equipment corrosion and bacterial growth damage in water. We offer professional training, to maintenance managers, engineers, operations personnel and others involved in industrial water. The training is available in distance learning, as well as as part of professional training days for employees.

Catalysts and Adsorbents

Materials used as catalysts are used to accelerate chemical reactions. In the petroleum refining industry and its products there is a widespread use of these products, which are supplied in powder, granular or solid state after application, and the choice of catalytic material varies depending on the specific process. Absorbances, on the other hand, are media that have the ability to adsorb the same molecules that need to be eliminated in the process and hence we need to choose the appropriate media for the pollutant we want to eliminate.

Refinery Process Additives

In the process of refining oil and its products, there are widespread use of chemical additives that help protect pipes and refining columns from corrosion (Corrosion Inhibitors), preparations that help clean the system (Antifoulants), Emulsion Breakers and more.

Paper Production Additives

The papermaking process, whether it is wrapping paper, printing paper, paper towels or tissue paper, is a complex chemical process that involves many chemicals in addition to the solution of the paper fibers fed into the machine. The role of the chemical preparations is to improve the efficiency of the machine and / or the quality of the paper. Common preparations help in improving retention aids, keeping the machine clean (Biocides & Deposit Control), improving filtration efficiency as well as improving paper properties such as: Tear resistance (Dry Strength), strength in moisture conditions (Wet Strength), and more

מתקני טיפול בשפכים

Sewage treatment facilities

תעשייה פטרוכימית​

Petrochemical industry

תעשיית מחצבים

Minerals industry

התפלת מים

water desalination

חוות מיכלים​

Container farm

תעשיית הנייר

The paper industry

מגדלי קירור

Cooling towers

מערכות קירור תעשייתיות

Industrial cooling systems

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